My Mac has no cd drive. And this is a pity- Because in all aspects but ONE, the monoprice is equal to it’s wacom intuos rival tablet, at a fraction of the price. It did not come with an install CD, nor does it have a model number on it anywhere, or on the box. Look, this monster of a tablet took me 4 hours to set up. I bought a Monoprice tablet as well after reading about the UC Logic drivers. Comparing it to the similar costing Bamboo from Wacom a professional grade tablet product is entirely too close considering the size of both. Do not include HTML, links, references to other stores, pricing or contact info.

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I would recommend posing the question before purchase, if it is not available after reading this.

Monoprice Tablet Drivers Help 9 posts. A nice size tablet with pretty standard pressure sensitivity under bucks?!

Questions For Similar Products. You have never failed to provide me with quality equipment over the past six years I’ve used your products, so do me and everyone else here a favor and HELP US.

Wacom may be expensive, but you can be sure their drivers will work every time. Thu Oct 02, 7: Thu Oct 02, 4: I am an aspiring comic artist and I must say for someone just starting off this is more than what’s needed for fundamentals.


You won’t regret it. My husband is an artist and absolutely loves this tablet. This tablet has so far never been used with pressure enabled, because photoshop will not detect pressure from it. No replacement tips available to order Pen is bulky for smaller hands. Download the support file “Firmware Update” from the Description tab of the product listing.

Learn more about Monoprice Business. He is not tech savvy, but he was creating amazing drawings within hours of opening this tool. If you’re in the market looking for something cheap but also something you can hold onto while you build yourself as an artist, don’t shy away from this.

Monoprice 12×9 Inches Graphic Drawing Tablet

Beautiful design – simple and affordable. I was told that mojoprice are actively pursuing replacement pens as one solution. Mods probably thought you were talking about an Android tablet.

No ‘eraser’ on back of pen- BUT, have gotten used to selecting manually and no longer notice this issue. It also does not work on a dual screen system. And occasionally the AAA will either shake loose, or not supply power.

I used to have a Wacom, but they are really expensive. Out of Stock ETA: I highly recommend this tablet for professionals and beginners. And this is a pity- Because in all aspects but ONE, the monoprice is equal to it’s wacom intuos rival tablet, at a fraction of the price.


Monoprice Tablet Drivers Help – Ars Technica OpenForum

To see and take advantage of our member pricing sign up for a business account or contact our sales team. So now that it can’t work like it used to is even more baffling to me. I figured for 80 some dollars I’d give it a try and I must say I am not at all let down by my purchase.

It’s a momentary hiccup but doesn’t change my love for this tablet. Oops– sorry, yes, we were confused. Fiddly and incomplete drivers. There’s a lot of hotkeys across the top that I just a lot, they’re very helpful, and this tablet has amazingly quick response when I do painting. I haven’t touched my Intuos this this guy arrived. As a graphic designer that does a lot of artwork in addition to design, I can switch from mouse to the tablet just by picking up the pen, and I’m drawing – its that simple.