Unable to set channel. When Wlan is working and I turn off the wireless hardware switch, Wlan and Bluetooth gets disabled as expected, but when I turn it on again, it does not get reactivated and I have to do the workaround again to get it working again. Found new beacon on frequency: In my case, the issue didn’t appear until I disabled wireless using the switch on the side of the laptop. Alekto Antarctica alekto-antarctica wrote on

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Then I did another test with the wireless hardware switch: Using the small flat screwdriver, wedge it between the top edge of the function keys and the case.

Seeing the bleutooth turn on when you flip the physical switch is correct behavior, but when it stays blocked when you flip it back means there is probably a bios bug. After fixing the problem and booting the new kernel, the wireless didn’t work and I had to apply the suspend workaround. When the system is booted from power off, wireless is turned off and reloading the module does not help to reenable wireless.

I was then able to reactivate the wireless using the Windows 7 troubleshooting wizard along with the Fn-F5 key combination. Mathew Hodson mathew-hodson on Also, if you could test the latest upstream kernel available that would be great. BIOS reseting was new to lenivo and works fine too.


Changed in linux Ubuntu: Unable to set channel” messages and reloading the ath9k module helps to get wireless working. The step 5 made wi-fi and bluetooth becomes avaiable under ubuntu and other distros I was having trouble fedora has the same issue 7 The wirelless hard-switch are functional and can be used with no problems.

Message 4 of Alekto Antarctica alekto-antarctica wrote on The lines from dmesg before I unloaded rmmod and reloaded modprobe the ath9k module: Maybe we could figure out the bit that carries the ‘hardware’ switch setting and then toggle it directly from Linux.

Thus it is beneficial if many people do these steps and attach their files with the additional information.

After which I then booted into Ubuntu Then I stored the nvram bluehooth compared with and old nvram image: Lenovo Ideapad S Broadcom Chipset. Chase Douglas chasedouglas wrote on I never installed windows, but now the problem has reoccurred about two months later.

Message 7 of Kotsbak mariusko wrote on Wireless and Bluetooth switch does nluetooth work correctly on lenovo ideapad lenovvo Link to Lenovo Ideapad S driver page below: Does anyone have any update on this condition that can be shared?


Unterschrift vom Mi 20 Jan As well, please remove the tag: This does appear to be a bios bug triggered by activation or deactivation as it would have it of the wireless switch on the side of the case.

help please bluetooth and web cam on ideapad s dont work

Soft-Blocking and unblocking works as expected, but the Wireless-LED stays on, but I didn’t turn off Bluetooth, so that it makes sense when it stays lenobo. Thanks bluetooht your description how to open the netbook to reset the CMOS RAM by removing the battery and the report that it solves the issue. Bug Watch Updater bug-watch-updater on Some detailed information can be also found there:. One day after installing updates on the I guess the management application is changing some bios configuration under windows and reflecting it on Linux where we dont have a way to FIX.