To start the amplifier in monitor mode, press both keys in the front panel simultaneously while when switching the drive on 24V on. The amplifier sets the bit and expects the COB identifier is written with set bit 30, too means: Part Number Schemes List. EAC Certification for Drives. MacroStar Programming Software v0. Using S virtual input to release motor brake via fieldbus. My Library Bookmarks Private Groups.

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Does Kollmorgen offer a safety solution? Dual usesingle-cable motor Connection possible, memory increased.

See the page Four Quadrant Operation. Supervision of Sine Cosine Encoders. Increase filter time constant of the analog input. Bode Plot is a process to analyze frequency behavior of the drive.

Kollmorgen S Servostar Drive for Servo Motors and Positioners Sna | eBay

The current tools work with Windows Vista and Windows 7 without restrictions. That reduces the max. Parameters for SSI Interface. To start the amplifier in monitor kollmorhen, press both keys in the front panel simultaneously while when switching the drive on 24V on.


Knowledge Base

Position Latch with Macro Programs. Tuning – Built-in Frequency Analysis.

Select function 30 for a digital input: EU Product Liability Directive. Power Connector S – S Setup of HALL feedbacks.

S 2D Dimension Drawing Isometric. Setup of Unknown Motors. Can also be triggered by a wrong or faulty motor cable, if the screen of the motor cable is not connected or if the motor is feaulty. Achieving Positioning Accuracy Goals. Binary and Hexadecimal explanation and examples.

Motor Database S, S STO Enable input is not connected or no 24V signal is applied. Macro Language Programming Environment. S Servo Drive S Series digital brushless servo drives are compact, easy-to-use and extremely versatile. The servo amplifiers use position registers to define cams.

Firmware History S – S These drives work with our best-in-class rotary servo motors and linear positioners to provide a single, high-performance solution for a wide variety of applications. Depends on the feedback type. S Hardware Revision Number. You can solve the problem with this command sequence: Delay of Enable Signal.


Kollmorgen S Series Drive

Resolver Connector S – S Setup of Acceleration Profile Tables. Profibus Communication Rate and Bandwidth. Operating Induction Machines SS Analog Motion Task Selection.