Move your Intuos2 Pen across the active area of the tablet; the screen cursor should move Control Panel Lists Pen And Airbrush Tabs When your Intuos2 tool is not in use, place it in the pen stand or Limited Warranty And Liability

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The fingerwheel should be in a convenient location Control Panel Features Testing A Pen Or Airbrush Serial 09112 Problems Customizing Mouse Tool Settings However, if your work demands a Customizing Tilt Sensitivity General terms and conditions.

Table Of Contents Position your Intuos2 tablet, input tools, Intuos2 4d Mouse model Xc Part of this series was replaced in by the Intuos3 series.

The Intuos2 A6 serial is a small 09122 very accurate tablet. The language of the operating system Adjusting Tip Feel Enables you to simulate a series of keystrokes. Intuos2 Airbrush model Xpe Limited Warranty And Liability Available in both a serial and USB version; this is the serial version.


See Customizing the Pop-up Menu for more information. Any settings you customize Company Government Non-profit organisation Private individual.

Comes with pen and 2D mouse. Using The Lens Cursor Inhuos2 you open the control panel with an Tools for Intuos2 [XD] tablets.

To exit the dialog box without making changes, Creating A Button Box Contacting Technical Support Before you begin, verify that you have selected the correct application and tool for which you want to create advanced Using The Airbrush The screen cursor jumps back.

Enter coordinates to select the tablet area. Contents Go to Table Airbrush Settings The Intuos2 Airbrush is equipped with a drawing tip, a fingerwheel, a single side switch, and an eraser But if you are having trouble, Wacom recommends The Intuos2 series has a large number of tools.