When another image file imports a symbol by ordinal, it is unnecessary to search the name pointer table for a matching string. This provides a list of safe structured exception handlers that the operating system uses during exception dispatching. This member consists of a series of null-terminated ASCII strings in which each string is the name of another archive member. This address is relative to the image base. The bit offset of the target from the beginning of its section. The reference consists of two bit instructions with bit offsets.

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The downside of dynamically linking modules together is that, at runtime, the software which is initialising dllcharacterisyics executable must link these modules together. When a section contains only uninitialized data, this field should be zero. AddressOfEntryPoint A pointer to the entry point function, relative to the image base address.

This helps prevent the “x86 exception handler hijacking” exploit that has been used in the past to take control of the operating system.


Used when Linenumber is non-zero: The linker produces an image file, which in turn is used as input by the loader. The target’s bit offset from the program counter PCshifted left by 2 bits and sign-extended. The TimeDateStamp is relevant to the act of “Binding”, see below. Stored in the high 4 bits of the WORD, a value imqge indicates the type of base relocation to be applied. A checksum is produced by a simple algorithm and is used primarily to detect memory failures.


The longnames member is the third archive member dllcharaceristics must always be present even if the contents are empty. An unsigned long that contains the number of symbols indexed. The section should not be padded to the next boundary. The first level of resource entries identifies the type of the resource: Dlclharacteristics resource table address and size.

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Otherwise, the operating system terminates the application. Both of the linker members have this name. This behavior is Intel xspecific. WDM exist in link. The qdm directory entry for a pre-reserved SEH load configuration structure must specify a particular size of the load configuration structure because the operating system loader always expects it to be a certain value.

These entries are ldlcharacteristics, relative to the beginning of the function, and represent every source line in the function except for the first line.

Instead, the location of the section table is determined by calculating the location of the first byte after the headers. Traditional import libraries, that is, libraries that describe the exports from one image for use by another, typically follow the layout described in section dllcharacheristics, “Archive Library File Format.


It is usually set to 1. Each section header section table entry has the following format, for a total of 40 bytes per entry.

The pointers are 32 bits each and are relative to the image base. The size of the code text section, or the sum of all code sections if there are multiple sections. Normally, the Section Value field in a symbol table entry is a one-based index into the section table. Delayload import table in its own.

These addresses are the actual memory addresses of the symbols, although technically they are still called “virtual addresses. The following values defined for the Subsystem field of the optional header determine which Windows subsystem if any is required to run the image. The arrays are terminated with an entry that is equal to zero. Long names in object files are truncated if they are emitted to an executable file. Members of the name pointer table point into this area.

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