Somewhat primitive, but at least you can reach for the holy grail of one remote to control all. This is unfortunate if you use SPDIF to your amp and want to control digital passthru volume at the amp. Since I only use about buttons on my TV and reciever remotes I just put them all on the TV device on the gyration by learning the commands. Definitely an interesting idea, especially for the price. No line of site or IR is required. The remote in the other room hasn’t suffered the same memory loss, so I don’t know what’s up.

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Now if only Logitech would include this in their Harmony Remotes they would be the complete solution. It also works as a great TV remote so instead of 10 remotes, we only need this one. I thought I would just post some of my direct experience with the Wineows remote after using it for a few months.

I am using Vista ulitmate Please help…. In particular, whether it gyrstion the entry of alpha numeric characters in the MCE interface? But… the gyration is not working. I used to use a Hauppauge 45 button remote and all of those keys worked fine with it. Works on one, and not on the other.


I found a super deal from the Red Planet Trading Co. All times are GMT Just an update on XP compatibility. Definitely an interesting idea, especially for the price.

It has an LCD read-out. It can do everything mentioned thus far an a whole lot more, I don’t think the FireFly has widows range of the Gyration although it too is RF. I’m interested in getting the Gyration MCE remote for using on Windows 7 also and just wondering if anyone can give their experiences of using it.

In my configuration, I never activated Gyrotools native mouse with scroll wheel support, SageTV navigated with mouse options.

Originally Posted by wirecreative. Must be they only stock one at a time or something.

How to: Build your own Gyration Media Center remote | Hackaday

Retrieved from ” http: You are commenting using your Twitter account. Find all posts by CollinR. I decided to use the learned IR commands exclusively. You don’t need to windoqs any software, which makes it simple to swap the remote between different PCs. I have Windows 7 and it has been working consummately.

Gyration-based MCE Remotes

We wrapped the exposed wires in electrical tape, and then installed the Thomson driver on our computer. Some keys work out of the box. You can also remove the dongle and plug it back in later, and it will remember the components you’ve matched it with.


Similar help and support threads Thread Forum Care to recommend a remote access gyrration beside Remote Desktop? Find all posts by gplasky. Somewhat primitive, but at least you can reach for the holy grail of one remote to control all.

Then it just says the USB port is drawing too much power.

I ordered the YY from Dell and got the setup to work immediately on two of my systems. Find all posts by MacDaddy. I would think that regardless of the transport mechanism, as long as it sends the same codes to the software rmote it should be fine. Note that some of the keys work out of the box.

Using [xmodmap] is a simple way to work around that.