For avoidance of doubt, this will not apply to most users. Once you have obtained a sufficiently small kernel image, congratulations: Ensure the boot usb key is inserted, and issue:. Kopete and AMSN needs a resolution of x to work with a webcam, so it’s possible you want that resolution in coriander, or perhaps resized with some example apps which followed vloopback. You can investigate that by issuing lsusb as root:.

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The problem is that these scripts also often start with a versionless shebang like:.

To find the module’s name of the module use the equery tool from gentoolkit with the name of the driver’s package:. Continue checking this list for different drivers.


Make sure the correct device file is selected, and turn on streaming at the bottom of the dialog. Also, with 64bit linux, there has been issues. They require a user-space management tool. Logitech maintains a compatibility list here. For applications that don’t use libv4l, try holding your computer upside-down. Save and exit the nano editor you can also close out the terminal if you have no further use for it. Note You may well find you have lost WiFi functionality etc. Genhoo using ventoo manually, or add a file containing.

Next, open a terminalbecome root, and check which firmware files the kernel complained about being unable to find. The password required here is the one you set up earlier in the tutorial and have used when ssh -ing in previously. See Hans ivc Goede’s post on the linux-uvc-devel mailing list for more information. To fix this, still in the second terminal, issue: More info available on the driver’s homepage.


If using the qc-cam driver, you can improve the speed of the camera using the qcset util. In the above example, you can see that a reasonable start has been made, with the kernel size having fallen from its original MiB to 94MiB. Getting webcam to work in uvv in Gentoo Ask Question.

In this tutorial, I’ve deliberately postponed it till near the end – when you already have all the other elements of a functioning system in place.

The password required here is the one you set up earlier fentoo the tutorial and have used when ssh -ing in.

If you are not sure, there is no harm in enabling both of them:. Since this configuration is by design! Lastly, if you find that your early boot splash is being interrupted with the error message kvm: Even though this is not a good idea due to usb bandwidth, this is possible with 1 or 2 cameras, or with multiple usb bus cards.

Currentlyyour target system is using a kernel configuration largely based on that shipped with the Gentoo minimal installation image with some necessary changes imposed by buildkernelfor example to support systemd.

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Tip We use the case-insensitive -ipath here, since vendors sometimes change the capitalization of provided firmware files. Paths that don’t ucv are passed on to the next clause via -o short-circuit OR. Genyoo Remember that if you change any important hardware components on your PC switching the graphics card, for exampleyou should revisit this section, to ensure that the modules and boot-time firmware are appropriately tailored to your new reality.


Proprietary viewer that uses the UVC video module to capture video and images. To beginopen as before a root terminal, and then issue:.

Select the proper option in the kernel. As this feature uses encrypted swap, it is relatively safe to travel with the laptop hibernated in this fashion you should uvv and carry the boot USB key separately, of course.

Gentoo/Lenovo UVC Camera – Alon Bar-Lev’s Site

To find out which network controllers you have on your machine, issue the following in the second terminal the one not displaying the menuconfig interface:. You should now have your camera’s module installed unless compiled into the kernel. I played with camera settings in uvx but no luck; also tried ekiga’s debug option, yet nothing related showed up.