Thank you so much for the quick response. Hi Amilla, I think ,in your case,the key number you are authenticating with is the same as the key you want to change. I have new Desfire cards which have default key.. To avoid electric shock, disconnect all field wiring and terminal blocks from installed modules and the Analog Bus connector. Hi Mustafa , Thank you for reply me and supporting me. I know default cryptography is TDES. I can change every key, even 0x00 and 0x

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Create and delete file without authentification Bit 1: I have tried several versions with no success. Email has become one of the most widely used methods of communication, whether for personal or business communications. So, the response is RndA left-shifted ciphered by the card:.

Or, maybe, you help mi directly, in java code.

Mifare Desfire communication example | Ridrix’s Blog

Do you have some further information about the Card? Hi Franz, There are some points which are not clear to me. If the first half of the key you are authenticating with is equal to the second half of the key,you have to build your session key eight byte long. Lc is the length of data field. Microsoft Office Outlook Thank for your explanation. What does that mean the exor?


If you send this byte to the card you will get a response with the application aids!

Gemalto Prox SU (IDBridge CL300) vertical

Windows Removable Drive drivers on the web. The TDES decryption algorithm works fine now now i have the same result as you.

Are both key versions exists in the card After key change to use for another purpose. According to your provided procedure for implement PIN inside card do we need to provide restrictions in terminal level code or can we introduce some mechanism inside card to get access to the desired property of the card eg.

To your authenticate command you have received 16 bytes response. There I found one more problem. I am having difficulty myself generating the CRC for the change key gempro. Powered by Atlassian Confluence 6. With following difference,you have to use 3DES decrypt.

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Hi Bruno, the reason is that DES decryption you can use on eight byte blocks only. Check your code part which builds the gsmprox key. I do this Steps: When I send the first authentication command it gives AE. Sending a single command wont help.


If key is 8 bytes: You have to add one byte key version and CRC32 calculated over the new key and padding.

You have to exor the second byte 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 with the result of the first step, and 3DES encrypt it with session key. I successfully change the AES key into DES key… Most important thing ge,prox to change this keys i have to calculate crc32 over all command.

I could successfully performed the Authentication command and I have a issue with ChangeKey, Please look at my situation mentioned below. As you mentioned its my code block gempox build wrong session key. If you want to use single DES then you have to make the first eight byte of the key equal to the second eight byte. And use this code: