Unfortunately this board only has one PCIe x16 slot. Oct 8, 1. Oct 8, 3. It worked in all computers except one. Is this possibly the case here?

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GALMT-S2P (rev. ) | Carte Mère – GIGABYTE France

Oct 9, 9. I tried the yank a memory stick trick as well, but other than the system having less memory, this did nothing. Oct 8, 6.

No, create an account now. The only conclusion that I can come to is that this motherboard and that video card are simply incompatible for whatever reason.

After swapping back to theneither is working. Oct 8, 3. Without the video card installed, everything works fine. Theoretically, it is failing at ga-7l8mt-s2p much lower level than the device drivers, which is why I was leaning in the direction of hardware incompatibility. The only other PCIe slot on-board is a 1x slot and I don’t have the ribbon cable to convert from the card down to the 1x slot for troubleshooting purposes.


It worked in all computers except one. Is this possibly the case here? So here is where things got interesting. There was no display from either video output.

BroHamBoneOct 8, The video card itself works fine on my other PC, so I don’t think that it is a problem itself. Oct 8, 8. Hey, when ga-78lmt-ss2p it helps to follow a plan and that generally starts by working from the physical level on up So, yes, I did check that the video cable was moved from the motherboard to the add-in video card.

No display with add-in video card

I had this issue once before with an older Intel motherboard and an HD where the card was simply incompatible. I get display from both the on-board and add-in card simultaneously. JoronaOct 8, I couldn’t tell you why but I narrowed it down to the gq-78lmt-s2p being incompatible. Intel Architecture Day.

Oct 8, 4. Oct 8, 5. Have you cleared the bios on the mobo?

GALMT-S2P (rev. 5.x) | Motherboard – GIGABYTE U.S.A.

Hellbent88Oct 8, As an experiment, I decided to try plugging the video cable into the motherboard, setting the Init Display First field to the IGPU, re-installing the add-in card, then starting up the system and Do you have another video card you could try? This is just a side project for tinkering with the Windows 10 Technical Preview, so I’m not concerned with having the most blazing performance. Oct 8, 2. Just to make sure I didn’t accidentally fry the somehow, I tested it on another system and it worked fine.


MrCaffeineXOct 9, Oct 8, 1. I think I will just try to snag a different video card for this machine at some point in the future and run on the integrated for now. I reset the BIOS previously, but that didn’t affect the issue.