Select the item to be set, and select [Change Settings]. Page Scanning Procedure Remove any paper clips and staples before loading the document. Emulation The following describes the printer language emulations available on this machine. Use this button to enter symbols for the e-mail address. Printing at the primary relay station 0: Use the same procedures for the C Finisher. Can be set in steps of 0.

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Common Settings Line Monitor Volume You can relay the sound on the telephone circuit in the interval from dialing until the connection is made through the speakers on the machine.

For more information on registering a mailbox, refer to “Mailbox” Normally, plain paper is set.

Hold the orange lever to push the staple cartridge into the machine until you hear it click into place. Table of Contents Job Assembly Overview Of Authentication 14 Authentication and Auditron Administration Overview of Authentication This section is an overview of the Authentication feature used with the machine.

Refer to “When [Print] is Selected” The list below is current as of 6 July Remove the jammed staples as shown in the figure. Variable Shift You can set the margin amount. Appendix 17 Appendix This chapter contains information on the machine specifications, notes and restrictions, optional components, and printer emulation languages.


Printer and scanner software for OS X Mountain Lion

The maximum number of groups that can be registered is Set the address number in the range from 1 to Refer to “When [Delete] is Selected” P. Select the item to be set, and select [Change Settings]. For information on the network settings, refer to paeosport Network Administrator Guide. Refer to “Replacing the Drum Cartridge” You can also specify the size of the paper so that faxes are sent at the same paper size.

When you set a pool server, a job flow list and job flows can be obtained from the pool server.

برامج الطابعة والماسح الضوئي في OS X Mountain Lion

The priority levels are from 1 to 5, and each setting takes these values. Check the correct image, or ask the sender to send the data again.

Select [Remote Mailbox] on the [Send Options] screen. Machine Status Default Programming You can start the printer in the print pps stored in the memory. Select the priority sequence.

Apple FujiXerox Printer Drivers for Mac OS X Driver – TechSpot

Aoeosport are recommended to set the system administrator ID and password to prevent setting changes and ensure security. Using Manual Receive Receiving Faxes Using Manual Receive If the fax reception mode is set to the Manual Receive when the machine rings to notify of an incoming call, pick up an external telephone or select [On-hook] on the screen that appears. Select a document paeosport. When the initialization completes successfully, the message on the screen on the right appears; select [Confirm].


Computer Operations 9 Computer Operations This chapter describes how to print documents, import scanned documents, perform Direct Fax, and operate CentreWare Internet Services on your computer.

Select [On] and then select [Save]. The drum cartridge has Replace the drum cartridge with a new one. Table of Contents Other Errors Fax Mode Settings Incoming iFax Print Options When an e-mail is received from an iFax supporting machine addressed to the e-mail address of the machine, you can select the print operation. Fuji Xerox PCL 6: Loading Paper Loading Paper in the Trays 1 to 4 Following describes the procedure for loading paper in the Trays 1 to 4.

Action Follow the instructions displayed to remove the jammed paper.