Logitech Dinovo Media Desktop keyboard does not work with the latest 8. It’s now 4 hours later than my last post and the juddering seems to have disappeared – not too sure what to put it down to. The system recognized both my “real” Bluetooth adapter — the one I use to pair with phones, etc. As a result, the kernel team would appreciate it if you could please test this newer 2. Yes, I have the exact the same problem same HW configuration. Patch seems to indicate that its fixing wrong behavior:. If in doubt run the xev program as mentioned above to determine the correct keycodes for your diNovo Mini.

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The next few attachments are dmesg. Is great that my post could help.

It worked out of the box in Hardy, did not work at all in Intrepid. Thanks for the improvements!

Logitech diNovo Mini

I tried this in tribe 4, thinking that there is a possible change. The ubuntu-kernel-team is being unassigned from this bug report. I think this line in my syslog is related to the braking of ubutu connection: Will, This is what worked for me and I still keep Bluetooth capabilities of the dongle http: From there the keyboard and media pad could be added using the “Setup new device” option which can be navigated with just the mouse paired.

Vermeulen jtv wrote on I am currently in using the tribe 3 CD. Pascal De Vuyst pascal-devuyst wrote on Email Required, but never shown.


Thank you for taking the time to report this bug and uhuntu to make Ubuntu better. I’ve just spent a little more time trying to work out what the issue is.

Perhaps once this problem is fixed, the real issue that you and I are experiencing can be addressed, perhaps even in 9. It is holding my testing since I use this keyboard. The information about this bug in Launchpad is automatically pulled daily from the remote bug.

Even the little proprietary buttons on the top line work fine, setting Ubuntu to sleep if I want, or opening rhythmbox etc.

logitech dinovo mini – Ubuntu Wiki

Fight uhuntu the Internet 2! Maybe we can “back port” whatever works there. The author will provide a more thorough approach once it becomes known to him. Florian Ehrenthal dizzinger wrote on I have a Logitech DiNovo Mini.

Truly exceptionally valuable tips are given here. I have to add that I have used this applet a thousand times but I had absolutely no idea that clicking on the “input service” row would bring up an empty device list, to which I could add my mouse with the “add” button.

usb – Changing the diNovo Mini stick modes from Linux? – Ask Ubuntu

Pascal, thank you you are quite right. I pressed the red button to make my keyboard discoverable then ran “bluetooth”, After a few red flashes, the lights went green, and the second and subsequent presses on the cursor pad was seen by MythBuntu.

This fix adds this line into another ubunfu instead which makes things work. In both modes however it appears to be working as expected at the kernel level.


If there is such control offered by the devices, for immediate solution, we just need to disable the udev rule that causes the dongle to switch to HCI mode and let user decide to enable HCI mode with hardware switch.

In practice hcitool seems to return 0 on error, so it’s still in test for at least two edge cases If I move the mouse to edit another part of this port, more likely than not, as I’m about to click the right button with the mouse stationary it will jump past the correct position and I will then have to move the mouse back a fraction.

The permanent fix for me was to uninstall “bluez-utils” using Synaptic Packet Manager.

At the time of writing these buttons are not natively supported under Mythbuntu Linux or MythTV. I only found them recently and I have not had a chance to test but these tools seem to make it possible to control MX keyboard’s “LCD and to use some of the keys that are not recognized by the stock Linux HID driver.

After some search, I found this webpage and tried that solution: