No sound coming from my sound blaster audigy 2 ZS platinum sound card. Is there a way I can use the other speakers 5. I tried turning on the Alsa A nalog in the terminal by pressing M but nothing happens. The problem is that mixer for SB Live is broken and for digital speakers there is no way to control PCM volume and then when tone controls are on signal is saturated and disortion is there. I guess there are several issues around this. I’m not able to reach decent volume levels both for the analog speakers and the inputs – line in, mic, digital etc.

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I’ve seen the information partially on other places but your explanation did it!

I found a solution by installing the linix. Don’t forget to unmute and turn up the “Music” slider number 19 of the emu10k1 mixer.

However, I was torn to find that I had trouble playing multi-channel audio AC3 in video files, creatove it was easy with the old emu10k1 OSS drivers. There are two versions, the link goes to version 2, the newer one of the two versions I found.

Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS

For more advanced trainees it can be a desktop reference, and a collection of the base knowledge needed to proceed with system and network administration. Every source which can be captured audiggy Audigy 2 ZS has two sliders – volume for playback and volume for capture.


This is an effort to write new drivers for some SB cards for Windows, but they have doc. It is best to reboot, because it is some limitations, and amoung them, the kernel blasher be not able to allocate the memory if you have already used for other purposes. The time now is Can it be that what is missing is a “wakeup soundcard” command in my resume script?

My problem is that my E-mu is “dead” after resume from standby. Results 1 to 7 of 7.

This is valid for my SB Live! Does such a wakeup command exists? If so please could you not drop me a mail and tell me how you’ve done. ALSA compiled into 2. This decoder and the SB Live! I’m not saying that the volume is so low I can’t hear anything. Hi, I manage to open up that panel by using that command but then, i dont quite understand what to do next. By default, you can not load for more as Hlaster soundfont with those cards.

Before doing this, even the LED on the LiveDrive won’t blink, as it usually does when a button osund the remote is pressed.


Sound Blaster Live!/Audigy and E-MU Digital Audio Systems devices

Join Date Dec Beans 1. Now it just worked! Linux Power User Bundle.

Note, I am using kernel 2. Please look up the information in your sources in case something changed. Join Date Apr Beans 4. It is simpler manualy in alsa mixer togle “IEC Raw Playback” to get front speakers as restart alsa. I’m trying to configure mixxx with jack output two seperate stereo pairs main and headphone via jack to my SB Live 5. I tried playing with all the mixer settings but still can’t get rid of this.

Unknown device rev a1 Thanks for all who can help! I haven’t seen any other mixer program with gamix’s features. Yes, I had the same problem with SBLive card and kernel vanilla 2. It was on 0 i had todo the following in that order: