Setting Duplex with PJL commands does not work. Go to original post. Show deleted comments Hide deleted comments. This patch is needed for the resolution option of the PPDs of this site to work. It seems like it’s going to be a lot of work that is unneccesary.

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Comment 6 by s Instead, we recommend that you choose the CUPS Driver, as detailed above, for the most complete functionality. Issue description Postscrilt Version: Please see our privacy policy. Comment 25 by unquietw Comment 12 by gor Another Ghostscript bug in the driver broke paper input tray selection.

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This patch is needed so that the Duplex option of the PPDs from this site works. Plug the Brother machine to the power outlet and turn the machine power on. Bring up a page 40440cn one, for example 2. To help us improve our support, please provide your feedback below. Please provide any additional information below.


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When something goes wrong, their number goes to Bangladesh. How does the information on this page help you?

The “pxlmono” and the “pxlcolor” driver are the same code, the difference is only that the “pxlcolor” gives colour and the “pxlmono” grayscale output. Go to original post. Brother support is not any better, They siad, “Absolutely, the printer supports Postscript Comment 24 by thestig chromium.

You’ll find the driver packages here: Go to the Manuals section. That solves the mystery all right.

Go to the Contact Us section. Comment 7 by thestig chromium.

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Broher patch is required so that tray selection with the PPDs of this site works. Sign in to add a comment. Comment 22 by unquietw Attach a screenshot if possible.

Comment 9 by s Comment 13 by s Comment 28 by vandebo chromium. Comment 20 by Deleted For HP “0” is usually the printer default, “1” automatic selection, “2” manual feed, “4” the upper, and “5” the lower tray.



One time, I was frustrated beyond belief. I have the same question Show 0 Likes 0. At any rate, thanks again for your help.