Users should download the correct AXA Windows driver bit or bit for their respective Windows bit or bit system. Please contact the support guys of the manufacturer for further support if necessary. But when it comes to Huawei media pad I’m not sure any accurate and valid info available No, it could not be done by end users. However, our Mediapad does not support Internet-by-Ethernet-adapter right out of the box Blame it on Android. When I plug everything nothing pop up or no activity happen in the device Is there any way to write a patch like the Ethernet patch used in Android-x86 4.

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You must first have an OUI or an IAB, to which you then append 24 or 12 bits respectively, in a way that makes the resulting bit number unique. TuneIn Radio, Skype, etc.

Please visit Mentor Graphics’ web site http: Ax88772a plug in your adapter, wait a moment while the driver is set up, then access the network. It is now a valuable resource for people who want sx88772a make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. Your 24 or 12 bits must be unique within your organization, which will require coordination among all the users of your organization’s OUI or IAB.


Download Windows 10, 8. Please contact ASIX’s sales sales asix. Why does one need such an App?

The App will fail if you don’t have a rooted phone. If you have an adapter that uses a different controller chip, please contact me via this forum or write a PN. Open a shell and type Code: Note for Windows 10 users: If your favorite App s do es androdi work, I’m afraid I can’t help you. Best wishes, DFahren Quote:.

High-speed stability of Micro USB 2.0 nic 3 mouth HUB android OTG AX88772A ULC14

Give it a shot and report your findings back to this thread so that I have a chance to fix it. Rooting process look very tedious sigh!

If you do not know the transceiver chip in the adapter, then chances are that it might be the wrong one. It can only be done by the manufacturer of your Android tablet PC.

USB-to-Ethernet Helper App | Huawei MediaPad, T-Mobile SpringBoard

This configuration data will be used during the AXA’s hardware initialization for normal operation. Try my app and if it works, cool, if not, please come back and I might find a solution to your problem.

AX Linux driver 4. In order to run this App successfully you need to have the ‘su’ binary installed on your Mediapad, i. Just try it once again and if anything goes wrong, note down the error message.


The UI will show a short message as to why a specific step fails. Installing SU means rooting the pad. You have to androir my app to see the lights flickering.

Post this message in this thread.

AXA – ASIX Electronics Corporation

Many thx in advance, Technose Edit: I added support for dongles containing a QF chip. If you know a good source pls help!

The adapter will be automatically recognized and installed on most systems. Please be aware that I will do my a8x8772a to help you, but I’m not the quickest to respond because I have a lot other commitments to follow. You need to have a router that has DHCP enabled. However, our Mediapad does not support Androd right out of the box Whether driver is left enabled is up to each device maker. Record the output in case you encounter errors.