I suggest a cooling pad accessory for anybody wishing to use the C on there laps for extended periods of time. I was able to adjust the graphics memory from its default of 32MB to 64MB easily by adjusting the shared memory setting in the bios. If you have to keep it plugged in to get much more than an hour of use, this can be a real dilemma. This feature offers a cost effective two-chip that integrates a 2. Unmatched engineering has created a notebook that is stylish, affordable and eminently usable. When it comes to mobility that means cutting the cord.

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We found navigation to be slow, with the pen being slow to respond. We didn’t run any benchmarks, but the C was definitely a very quick performer. We will discuss more on that later in the review. Averatec calls the display on the C “high contrast”. There are nice additional hardware controls built right into the edge of the display to rotate the screen, scroll and to invoke menus, saving time and frustration while the unit is folded over into “slate” mode.

An understated laptop with plenty of gaming grit. Even more fascinating for most folks is to watch me pop out the pen, rotate the display and proceed to write directly on the screen. The touchpad is easy to use and provides all the functions most users demand.

When it comes to battery life, we found that the C came up a little short. The integrated video chip manages to keep up well enough to produce a visually glitch free frame rate. A Tablet PC is primary a averatce to be carried around like a notepad.


Averatec C3500 Specifications

When it comes to “sub-class” smaller sized notebooks, there is limited space for manufacturers to integrate a fully functional and comfortable keyboard to aferatec with.

It is made by UC-Logic of Taiwan, and the sleek averatce actually has a battery in it. Lowly integrated graphics run the notebook’s sharp With the C Series, Averatec has extended its tradition of innovative mobile computing in a way that offers users two compelling mobile products, in a single compact package, said Saeed Shahbazi, President of Averatec.

We managed to get less than two hours from a full charge. Blickenstorfer, February It is in the nature of things that good products will be copied or imitated, and that the imitations are usually less expensive than the real thing. Lenovo fine-tuned its formula for the Yoga C, adding a trio of useful features that The truth is that it is all that and more. I have noticed that the Hibernation feature at least on the C can be a bit temperamental.

Averatec C Convertible Tablet PC Review (pics, specs)

Should one wish to hook up the C to a serious external receiver and speakers, this utility would be helpful to c350 with.

Brian Beeler Editor in Chief www. This machine has been cleverly planned out in just about every characteristic to be an exceptional mobile solution for the price, but the battery life is just plain weak.

The size is a modest No review of the Averatec C would be complete without a mention of its stylish dark blue carry case. A word to the wise; be sure to save your work before hibernating or walking away from the machine for more than a few minutes. Although the USB ports are all located on the back of the unit I just hate thatI will commend Averatec for offering 4 since a USB hub is just one extra thing to buy and carry.


I took the fully charged C with Wi-Fi turned offleft it in “sleep mode for about 10 minutes, then proceeded to carry out my presentation. Kias and Hyundais have become credible cars even though they started as inexpensive copies of Japanese vehicles.

In addition, the system turned in a short battery life of just 2 hours, 1 minute. This switch is basic, yet handy, and effective to suit its purpose. I prefer the clarity offered by the smooth surface since the top layer of the screen essentially functions as the window to the lcd. Unmatched engineering has created a notebook that is stylish, affordable and eminently usable.


Hard drive performance is speedy and quiet. And that’s not one or two but four USB ports.

The C has just two buttons–one for degree screen rotation in 90 degree increments and one to bring up an onscreen controls menu. How to upgrade your gaming area with lighting, speakers and more.