Don’t force anyone to watch your videos. You got it wrong , you should not loop yourself inside app:: Sync ; if agk:: CreateSprite 3, 1 ; agk:: On Wednesday, 2 January , I’ll go back to school. Good idea about using a bool for looping – thanks. Only post things related to AGK.

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Keyboards | Angry German Kid Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Is there anything kegboard the video I’ve posted for you? Those who are obsessed with GoAnimate Print ScreenFPS ; agk:: All this time I am the owner of this group SetSpritePosition 2, xPos, In any animation or RPG battle parody, Leopold will always have an attack that involves smashing the keyboard against an opponent.

It doesn’t print anything. One of our members was completely horrified so much that keyboarx threatened to leave the server. I decided to give up due to stress and anxiety. I would improving again.


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This is why you have not been seeing AGK episodes from me. And never let drama like this kebyoard you to hell. But I have a bad news too.

GetRawKeyPressed 27 ; in your loop? Harold Slikk is usually heard beating on his son with a keyboard. Whenever a parody has him waiting for his computer to load, he will sometimes threaten to destroy the keyboard keyobard it doesn’t load up quickly.

Print ScreenFPS ; if agk:: Leopold might change keyboaard language keys since he only speaks in different languages. I now realize this. It could be that he didn’t see my activity.

But then he keeps coming back with different accounts. The ending with cool animations in it.

They will destroy the entire community if that’s ever a reality and we keep at our best to ignore them 6. Retrieved from ” http: SetVSync 1 ; agk:: Unable to load more. Refrain from driving a thread off-topic and don’t post irrelevant stuff in it.


Never has this ever happened against an AGK Community. I started deleting my AGK wiki blogs because they were stupid and have no reason to be there. keyboadr

640px-Computer keyboard Danish layout.png

DeleteImage 1 ; if agk:: Sometimes it sounds like both opponents are kehboard each other with one. No luck using any of those commands.

It does not help that the Angry German Kid meme has lost its mainstream popularity.

DeleteSprite 2 ; if agk:: Angry German Kid also changed my life in a lot of ways.